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jardine river

North of the Jardine River

NORTH of the Jardine River are pretty beaches with campsites, Second World War wreckage, day trips by ferry to Thursday Island and luxuriant rainforest to explore.
Some of the bush tracks are for small 4WDs whose owners are not fussy about paintwork but the alternative is bush walks rambling through rare vegetation where the striking blue ulysses butterfly flutters by.

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nomad medications

Plan ahead before travelling

Older Australians heading north to escape winter’s chills have been urged to pack their medications along with their swimming costumes and beach towels to avoid a trip to hospital. People can become complacent when they are relaxed and on holiday, which can sometimes lead to them forgetting their regular medicines and putting their health at risk. Before leaving, travellers should meet with their GPs for a thorough health check and to discuss any health issues that may impact on their travel plans.

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bush medicine

Walking good for Grey Nomads

Authors Joseph Tucci and Sabine Wilkens have produced a review of traditional Aboriginal remedies for a range of conditions including communicable diseases, viral respiratory diseases, fungal and bacterial infections, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory disorders. Their survey also includes information on analgesics and anticancer medications.

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Grey Nomad holiday destinations

With specialist tour operators, holiday accommodation and travel websites dedicated to them, Australia’s over-55s are an important demographic for the tourism industry. From grey nomads hitting the road in their motorhome or caravan, to empty-nesters exploring the world free of parental responsibility, these travellers often have unique holiday preferences and habits — including the types of destination they’d like to visit.

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